Visual Communication for everyone. To keep things simple I just named my business after my first name: ian and studio.. for.. well.. studio. I propose affordable communication services, specifically web design as these days communication has definitely shifted from print to screen but am open to studying any communication need.

As a graphic designer (trained in a professional school Academy of Art University) and more importantly benefiting from years of hands-on and varied experiences, I can and have approached visual communication in all shapes and forms: logo and identity development, magazine layout, photo-retouching, brochures, banners, posters as well as motion media and packaging.

Whatever your need: from a “window” website for presenting services to a complex database-driven dynamic or e-commerce website, or the development of an identity and printed material for your communication.. I’m very adaptable and will find solutions to present your activity in a way that represents you and your vision. Just ask, we’ll figure things out together.



Responsive websites have now become the norm, it simply means that depending on the size of the screen used the elements adjust so as to render viewing efficient.

Websites have become the new business card/brochure, and for good reasons, a website allows you to communicate with your potential customers as well as to keep your existing ones in the loop.

A website can act as a hub by integrating social strategies from the ubiquitous Tweet to complex CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as “blogging” which in essence is a way of keeping the communication flowing.

A website can be used for many more things, it can be an e-commerce platform to sell goods or services or simply a gallery for exposing goods sold in a “real life” space, a place to manage your customers, a virtual office for team work, a central point for commercial mailings and the scheduling of appointments, a centralized virtual desk of sorts..

A creative look at one’s needs and desires allows to come up with  ideas on can be done with communication technologies and I will definitely accompany you with this process.

We keep hearing of Social Media, some people are well-versed and happy to oblige, managing their online presence like acrobats, others are rather intimidated and do not know where to start. This is where I can come in as well, together we can talk of what “exists” (and the World is certainly not getting any simpler in that area.. or any other) and make decisions based on a new understanding I can bring to you.  From there anything is possible as long as things are taken a step at a time.

I will help you understand what can (and cannot) be done with #hashtags, with social services platforms from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Pinterest,  Polyvore to Etsy, DropBox to Google Drive and the myriads of new and much less commonly known solutions for selling or sharing data and content. I will not pretend I master it all, as no-one does, however my curiosity and capacity to synthesize will be of great help, that I’m certain.



Branding (no hot iron involved here, no worries) is the global approach of making one’s business identity into a cohesive approach. In that sense a logo is the very base of it all (just after having chosen a name of course), however developing an identity can go much further and depending on the type of business identity development can take various routes and needs to be studied with a clear vision and appropriate timing (hasty decisions are rarely conducive to wise choices).

Developing an identity should be the very first step to take before even starting to set up what may seem as the more pragmatic steps in establishing a business. Unfortunately many people seem to view it as the icing on the cake, and even approach it as a last minute issue, which is a bit like taking a flight somewhere and to only start thinking of what to visit, what the season/weather are at the destination point and where to sleep once arrived. Of course that can feel adventurous, but a business, though an adventure in itself, benefits from some good planning.

I sometimes get asked what Graphic Design means and what a Graphic Designer does which makes me realize it may not be as obvious as it sounds. Well, most business communication is visual. That can range from designing a logo to making a wine bottle label to creating stickers for using a car as a “moving billboard.” It can entail designing simple letterheads, to more complex material like brochures all the way to a catalogue or magazine, and of course the interface of web site.

Graphic communication can also mean Motion Media, such as the creation of a little film/animation for advertising in a movie theater, a YouTube introduction video or an animation for an on-screen presentation at a business conference. Basically anything that be seen and read and which purpose is advertising and making one’s brand, business or event be known is Graphic Design.



Multi Media is a throw-it-all-in term, but it usually entails moving images and/or sound. when it comes to visuals I can provide animations like an animated introduction for an on-screen presentation for a seminar, a short clip for a movie theater advertisement or a product presentation whether in 2D or 3D, as well as product modeling for presentation.

Though not a sound engineer, my main other hobby beyond graphics is music. I dee-jay once in a while and make music as an electronic musician and thus I’m quite proficient in the realm of sound design.

If you need a jingle, or some loops to “illustrate” a presentation we can work on this together, either creating it from scratch or accessing rights-free libraries that I can research to find sounds that fit both the theme and the timing required. If you need a soundtrack and/or an audio mix for an event, a fashion show or a dance piece we can also talk about it so I understand what you have in mind.


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